Welcome to Underwater Photo Adventures. We are ready to teach you digital photography. Whether you are looking for instruction below or above the water. We can also teach you to dive!

Based in the Southern Ontario area but traveling to exciting local, and not so local destinations. With lessons from learning underwater photography in a pool, to applying what you have learned on Open Water dives we will be right along with you during your learning. Since underwater photography assumes you have an interest, and basic knowledge of photography if you are in need of a refresher in regular, that’s land photography :), we are more than able to help you with that. As a matter of fact most underwater photographers started on land.


Some of our above water and below water photography work, as well as information about diving.

Cnidaria zoanthid

Sharptail Eel: Myrichthys breviceps

Spotted Porcupinefish: Diodon hystrix

Steven can train up to Divemaster
as well as twelve different specialties

Jennifer can train up to Divemaster
as well as three different specialties

Ice storm Ontario
December 2013

About Us

Steven Brown has been diving for over 30 years, and has had a camera in his hands longer than that. A Marine Biologist by training, a teacher by desire, he has travelled a winding road to reach this point. He loves to take images and is passionate about making sure that you catch that fever too, whether you will be above water, below water or both, he wants you to get the best images you can. Below is a list of some of the specialties Steven can teach.


Jennifer May may not have been diving as long as Steve, but she does have a burning passion to share her love of the water with others. She had some nervous times thoughout her training, and those memories are still fresh in her mind; therefore, she has a deep understanding of any worry or fear you may have, and will work with you to get past any of those small bumps on your road to diving. Below is a selection of some of Jennifer's specialties she can teach.



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